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Mindful Mornings are SO in!

How do I have time to meditate with 2 small children? First of all, I make it a priority because I know how important it is to my well being and how I want to live my life. Secondly, start small!

Here's a run down on my morning routine:

Get up earlier than the kids

I set my alarm 15-20 minutes earlier so I have time for myself. I literally don't leave my bed. This is key for me because a lot of the time when we wake up we don't want to do anything so this was a game changer. I have my ear buds, water, journal and wisdom cards all near my bed. I put my ear buds in and do a guided meditation on insight timer, I usually do a 5-15 minute one depending on how much I need.

Hydrate, Intention, Journal

Sip my water, it's so important to start your day with water, your body is dehydrated when you wake up so hydrating yourself is critical! If I have time I'll pull an oracle card to set an intention for the day & journal my thoughts. I just started to log my dreams, I have been having some gnarly dreams and to interpret them I have to keep tabs on them. I read somewhere that you lose most of your memory of the dream within the first 10 minutes of waking up, crazy right?

Stretch it out

I'll do some light stretching, still in my bed! Just inhale, stretch arms up towards the sky and as you exhale soften everything down. Inhale in your affirmation and exhale let go everything that does not serve you. Stretching is a great way to slowly wake up the body, I highly recommend it and if you don't even have to get out of your bed, why not?

Ah, peace and quiet

You can definitely get up earlier than 15-20 minutes, sometimes I get up an hour earlier. I'll either lead a yoga flow in my private group or I'll do my meditation downstairs and then after sip my coffee in the quietness. There is nothing quite getting up before the house does and sitting with yourself in the quietness. I love it & absolutely need it from time to time. I have time to jot down in my journal and my planner and get myself organized for the day or the week.

Being mindful is being present

Giving yourself time to just sit and be present is being mindful of what your mind, body and spirit needs. No screen time, no watching the news, just you, yourself, your meditation app or no app, your earbuds, your water, your journal (whatever you choose to do is good, there is no right or wrong) and time - as little or as much as needed. It's so important right now to do this more than ever, with all the technology and screens we are looking at everyday it's so easy to get buried into the habit. I told myself I don't want my kids to grow up always seeing me looking at my phone, it's a ridiculous habit!

Taking time for yourself isn't selfish it's imperative. Morning Mindfulness is even better, start your day off on a lighter tone, being grateful for a new breath, a new day to learn & grow.

Linking my favorite cards to pull!

Crazy Sexy Love Notes -

Believe in Your Own Magic: A 45-Card Oracle Deck and Guidebook: Lovelace, Amanda

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards : A 44-Card Deck Guidebook PDF | Etsy

Morning affirmation

"Today I open my eyes to brilliant new day of light and love.

I focus on my highest good in everything I do.

I will maintain peace and harmony within my inner being, and not allow outside circumstances to disturb my happiness.

I honor my sacred life, and I am grateful for all that I have."



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