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New Year, New Intention & Update!

2022!!!! I'm curious to see what this year brings to the table. Hopefully, not as heavy as the past two years. I'm not a resolution kind of gal BUT I like to set an intention for the new year. My word this year is, Connect. I wondered what does this word mean to me? According to Google the definition is:



VERB 1. bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

To connect for myself means, first and foremost, to find connection within. I'm continuously doing shadow work to dig deeper to heal all the trauma, grief and ptsd. It's a forever journey and I'm constantly checking myself. It's hard some days, easier some. Connecting with myself is such an important thing, finding a relationship with yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. This past year, I gifted myself in-person therapy, it helped with the grief of losing my dad to alcoholism. He's very much alive but I still lost him. Addiction is a real, horrible thing that I wish was an easier cure for. Grief can feel never ending and heavy but learning to deal and process it, it slowly become lighter. Therapy helped me connect to myself on a deeper level. Along with spending time alone to do whatever I feel like. Creating, taking a bubble bath, listening to a podcast, cleaning (organizing and purging brings me great joy! hahaha) or watching a show without interruptions! I know it can be hard with kids and in a pandemic but I prioritize alone time. I also prioritize alone time to connect with my husband. I think in order to have a healthy relationships with my kids, friends, family and partner, for myself, connecting within first makes it work! Meditation, yoga classes, therapy, being in nature, journaling and dating myself are just a few things that help me connect. I'm hoping to find deeper connection to relationships that matter to me this year. I think I like this word connect.

What do you do to connect with yourself? I'd love to learn from you! Comment below!

You can find connection through Yoga! I'm teaching TWO Flow & Restore classes @ Align Light Yoga & Healing Community in K3.


I have been mainly focusing on all my in-person classes. I still teach on Saturdays at a Recovery Center, I started teaching Chair Yoga for Seniors (65+) on Friday's at 11am @ Bourbonnais Township Park District. If you are a Senior or know someone interested please register HERE. <<<<<

Over the Summer I was certified for Kids yoga through Cosmic Kids Yoga! I finally put my teaching in action with a Snowga Class. It was so much fun! I plan on doing an event for every season! Keep a lookout for upcoming events on my Instagram or Facebook pages!

I really would LOVE to get some private sessions either in-person or on Zoom, please message me if interested! Free consultation and an hour of yoga curated exactly for YOUR needs. I'm doing a special for the winter book two sessions get the first one FREE! Any questions please ask!

I hope 2022 brings so much light and that through the heavy stuff we learn and grow. Appreciate the little things, find gratitude, the present moment, move on from the past & hold on tight to the relationships, the connections that are important AND most importantly, connect withIN. Go on a date with yourself already!

Inhale the PRESENT

Exhale the PAST

Repeat x 10

Much love & Namaste,


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