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Spring Cleaning ourselves & our surroundings!

I've been reading about the Niyamas for my zoom students and the first principle of the Niyamas is Saucha- Cleanliness, Purification and Clearness of the mind, body & spirit. I have really enjoyed diving into learning more about Yoga Philosophy. Did you know that the philosophy of yoga has been around a lot longer than the actual Asana (poses)? Like we are talking thousands of years! Click here for more info on that! History of Yoga • Yoga Basics

Part of the 8 limbs of Yoga (a huge reason why I dove deep into my yoga practice) the Niyamas are the 2nd limb meaning moral observances and how we cultivate inner observances towards ourselves.

Saucha teaches us to "spring clean" ourselves making room for clearness of the mind, body and spirit. How can you incorporate Saucha into your life?

  • Purity in your thoughts & mind: Watching how your speak to yourself, your language towards yourself and impact you speak to others. Clearing any negative thoughts in journaling or meditation. Stop the gossiping and low vibration discussions.

  • Cleaning out stagnant areas of your home or car, starting small. Making an organized space for spiritual work.

That is just a few things you can do to incorporate Saucha into your daily life. Once you "spring clean" yourself & your surroundings it can lead to a more clear path to connecting to your higher self. Whatever that my mean to you.

Here is how I have been trying to incorporate Saucha into my life. I have been switching out my one-use plastic products and have been trying to eat less meat. I have been slowly switching out one product at a time. I have a glass bottle for my everyday cleaner and can buy refills that come in biodegradable wrapper. I have been cooking more vegetarian meals for my family. We really enjoy our vegetables. I have noticed eating less meat has given me more energy. These are small things you can do to help bring Saucha into your life as well as help your carbon footprint. Just start small, with one thing so you don't overwhelm yourself.

Namaste, Jeanna

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